Hello, I'm Azaan Wadhwania. I'm an Electrical Engineer.

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia.

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About Me!

Welcome to my Website! My name is Azaan and I possess a great passion for anything electricity and code. I was introduced to the world of electronics and software technologies while working at projects at my University. I am very passionate about microcontrollers and embedded system technologies and with this passion, I have worked with projects involving EFM8 and PIC32 Microcontrollers. I have also worked with different electronics like FPGA SoCs such as the DE1-SOC. Recently, I have gained an interest for software technologies in full stack development. I have explored this interest through learning about systems software engineering and web development technologies. With such a variety in the projects I have completed, I possess the knowledge of understanding electronics from a very low and fundamental (speaking of transistors!), to the abstracted higher level such as development of applications and concurrent software systems.

Check out a game I made using Unity!
Amazoom Warehouse
Concurrent inventory management system

Designed an onloading and offloading warehouse with robot pathfinding and user interfaces using C# and ASP.Net to handle orders concurrently.

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RC4 Decryption
Hardware acceleration to decode RC4 encryption

Used a DE1-SOC to decrypt secret messages on ROM using a secret key for a brute force algorithm.

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JavaScript ScoreKeeper
Simple score tally using DOM

Used the document object model to increment scores using buttons and score adding algorithm.

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